Venicemarathon is not only a competitive race renown around the world but a real dynamic event that takes place here in the Venice area.


The Venice Carnival

It is one of the most famous and appreciated Carnivals in the world, rich in fascinating beauty and mystery, set in the extraordinary city of Venice.

The Venice Carnival2020-02-27T13:15:27+01:00

The Film Festival

The International Film Festival, which takes place every year at Lido in Venice, is one of the most important events of the year.

The Film Festival2017-06-28T09:02:37+02:00

The Vogalonga

Vogalonga: Rowing participants from all over the world and with every type of boat make an appointment every year in Venice for this spectacular regatta.

The Vogalonga2017-06-28T09:01:31+02:00
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