Due to the ongoing health emergency, in order to better protect the health of our customers and collaborators, in addition to all the hygiene practices currently applied, our structure has adopted specific sanitation protocols.

  • All rooms’ surfaces and common spaces are cleaned and disinfected with alcohol-based detergents several times a day.
  • In addition, all rooms and bathrooms are treated before guests’ arrival with a disinfectant solution sprayed through an atomizer until the area completely saturated; rooms are then sealed until arrival. This treatment is alternated with ozone disinfection until a concentration of 3 to 4 ppm is reached for about 30 minutes and within the limits prescribed by current regulations.
  • All people who enter the facility must be wearing a mask.
  • All staff members on duty are asked to measure their body temperature both at the beginning and end of the work shift and fill-in the appropriate register.
  • Customers may be asked to check their body temperature upon entering the facility.

In order to respect the distancing pro-tocols and to avoid the presence of too many people in confined spaces, we prefer not to serve breakfast. You will find in your room the necessary to brighten your awakening. The content of the minibar is free and available to you. In addition, you can use the discount card received at check-in in our “Rosa Salva” points of sale.